Saturday, June 13, 2009

Look Mom! NO PANTS!

As of late, I've been suddenly attracted to the whole shorts romper look.
Its suprising, because I used to be rather disturbed by Lady GaGa and Katy Perry when they would wear these crazy sans-pants outfits.
But now I want one.
Maybe because its summer and it finally seems like a reasonable outfit?
Or maybe because these ones aren't QUITE as short as those worn by Katy Perry and Lady GaGa?
I don't know.
All these are from Urban Outfitters
I'm thinking about gettin one of these...I really want to go to the store so I can see which one looks best on me...cause I have more boobs than any of these girls...

However, I still think pants rompers are rather disgusting. Maybe with some accesories they would be acceptable, but alone...just BLAH!

Maybe with a nice belt at the waist or a cute blazer this would look decent.

What do you guys think: To romp? Or not to romp? (haha. I had to go all Shakespeare on that.)


Diary of a Young Designer said...

I adore the polka dot one. I personally won' t wear them bare, but the are all gorgeous and great summer finds.


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Liily said...

The peach colored one is so pretty, I too can't decided on the full length romper maybe a really colorful one might just be acceptable


Amelia said...

Tompers are definitely growing on me. I love the peach one (for that cute ruffle) and the blue floral. But, yeah, I definitely know what you mean about it being hard to tell what will look good on you due to the models' general lack of bust...ugh.

Zany Style said...

Please Romp! I've been thinking about them too. But 'cuz its summer and expecally hot down here in fl. I would wear them, and of course, 'cuz they are sooooooo cute!


Couture Carrie said...

To romp!

I am in love with that first floral one!


Fashion Prescription said...

The polka dot one is my favorite! I personally wouldn't wear one, but I think you could defenitley rock one!

Eleanor said...

Definetly go the romper, especially the peach one! I do agree that with a large, feature belt or some layered gold chains the full length romper woud be cute.

Chester said...

I like the shorts as long as they're not too short! xD

chloe said...

honestly, I usually don't like rompers but now & then I'll see one & like it. I like the peach one. Dakota Fanning wore a romper a while back & it looked so good!

yiqin; said...

The second one is amazing. I love the color. So sweet.

ipopheart said...

wow uo has so many!!!! Unfortunately I'm too petite to fit into them :(

Noelle + Kendall said...

I've been loving these romper-looks.
cute blog too :]


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womens wear said...

Gorgeous dresses! Wish it was still Summer!