Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going!

Seriously! I'm not, I promise!
My parents have banned me from the computer for the last 4-5 days since my room is less than clean (*cough* absolutely disgusting) and said I'm not allowed to use the internet until its done.

Well... its not done. But currently I'm working on a Biology assignment and figured that while I was at it I would make a brief post, because who knows how long it will be until I can get online again! (If you'd seen my room, you'd understand...)

Peace. =]

This is my robot, Billie! (Don't ask, it was the first thing that popped in my head!)
I made him when I volunteered at this Arts Festival a couple weeks ago, and me and my friend Kara helped kids make cute buttons! Isn't he adorable?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Polka Dots & Red Hots

I watched the movie Appaloosa the other day. Don't watch it. The ending is horrible and the characters backstories are never fully explained. Ugh, I was so disappointed because a friend of my dad's had said it was, "Soooooooooooooooooooo good." It was not. The acting was good, but the rest of it SUCKED.

Also today in my drama class we started watching Twilight to "study the characterization" (sureeeee...) and I noticed that on the back it said: "The most epic love story since Titanic." Dude, I almost threw up. COMPARING TWILIGHT WITH TITANIC!?!?!?! That's just a no-no. Titanic is pretty epic. Twilight...not so much. Its okay, just not epic.

As promised almost a week ago (shame on me) pictures of my purple-paint splatter keds!
At first I was gonna do all different colors, but then I decided I liked the purple by itself.

Also, my outfit from yesterday! I love wearing red lipstick and I thought this outfit was perfect for it! This jacket was such a lovely deal. It was $6 at Hot Topic during the summer! Gotta love them salessssss. Isn't the grass just gorgeous? Its finally green!
And random photo of myself being dramatic! I found it rather unreal looking...even though the only thing I had edited was the warmth, since the picture originally was too cold. I really love taking self-portraits like this...its just fun! I'm going to try to pay a little more attention to my blog as lately I've been neglecting it...
Hopefully my amount of homework won't get in my way.
P.S. Aren't these Disney Princess magnets just adorable! They're from Shana Logic and I REALLLLLLLY want to get them! And I would if I wasn't broke...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Singing The Same Chorus To A Song That Hasn't Even Been Wrote

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I did wear green to avoid the pinchs!!!! Hope you guys did!
As promised, haircut pics!!!!

Right After My Hairstylist Did It:
How I Did It The Next Day:

I just straightened it with a straightener, whereas she blowdried it straight-ish...I LOVE my new bangs!!!!

By the ways, I'm running for treasurer of my drama club! I'm going to make poster that say stuff like:


Do you know the answer? Kelly does. Vote Kelly For Treasurer!

Originally I was the only one running, but a certain friend of mine (who was first going to run for Vice President but then decided not to, since a girl who's going to be a senior next year is running) decided to run against me. Even though she insisted about 18 times that she was not running and that she would run for V.P. next year. Grrrr...oh wells...I guess may the best woman win!

I also DIY some purple paint splatter on some white keds and will definately have to take some pictures!

Monday, March 16, 2009

For Lack Of A Creative Title.

Hey guys!
Sorry for the long absence...the modem on our computer was messed up, so I've been without internet for 4 days! (before that it would be on for at most ten minutes and than die...so really its been more like a week!) We got it replaced today though, so I am backkkkkkkkkkkk! I'll have a real post tomorrow with my new haircut in it, but right now I've actually got to be going! =]

Oh, but I'll leave you with the following:
NO DOUBT'S GOING ON TOUR!!!!! HOLY MUFFIN!!!! EXCITEMENT! They were so one of my fav bands as a kid. And I do mean kid. I was like 7 and listening to them.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"No...I Don't Think You Should Dance By The Road. They Might Think You're A Prostitute."

So, I went to my lovely friend Meghan's (and her twin sister Morgan's) Sweet Sixteen last night! It was fabulous...we danced...and danced...and danced some more...and I got to talk to some awesome people that I haven't seen in years...
And I managed to rip the slit in the back of my dress right up to my butt. I had to wrap my friend's jacket around myself so I wouldn't look like a skank dancing. I ended up wearing a different dress than I originally had planned, because the other one's material would have made me SWEAT like crazy! This is what I ended up wearing...this lovely dress that was my mom's in the 80s with this amazing necklace!:Then today I wore it like this (although I changed a little while ago because my mom didn't want to have to get the dress dry cleaned!) I love these two patterns together and I love this picture!:

I'm getting my hair cut on Tuesday! It was supposed to be Saturday, but my hairdresser got really sick...I'll definately take some pics once I get it cut! But its not gonna be DRASTIC so don't get too excited.

Peace! =]

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Theatre Geeks & Creepy Freaks!

Hi guys! Sorry its been so long, but my internet was down for 2 days! Ugh! And I was gone at Georgia Thespian Conference (better known as ThesCon) Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! It was soooooooo much fun! I got to see lots of great shows, including Alice In Wonderland, which was FABULOUSLY good, this show called The Incident At San Bajo (erm...i think that's how its spelled) which was quite intriguing, and this purely awful show that I nearly slept through (and my drama teacher nearly slept throught) that I will NOT mention the name of. That would be very rude of me...because I know I would hate it if another school was talking about how bad our school's show was...
I also got to run about a half a mile back to our hotel in pouring ran with our Thespian troupe. It was CRAZYYYY!

I bought some coolie stuff at ThesCon too!
A Shirt.
Elephant Earrings!

And this really pretty cross ring! (Sorry its sideways...my computer would NOT turn the picture...)

Haha, the band-aid's on my finger because I tried on a ring that was too small on that finger and cut my finger...I'm so brilliant... Almost everyone else I know got a ring with the drama faces on it, but I really didn't like any of them much...so I got that one!

I also made this gorgeous DIY necklace yesterday. I had a bunch of charms and pendants without chains lying around my room, so I took a bunch of them and strung a ribbon through them...and VOILA!

I just LOVE it! Also, I took a couple random outfit photos...the first I wore Sunday and the second I'm thinking of wearing to my friend's sweet sixteen! Right after we took the first photo it started SNOWING! It was FREEZING out! And we got a snow day yesterday because of it! I was so ecstatic because of how rare snow is in Georgia...

Peace out for now! Oh, wait one more thing! I was in Seventeen! I wrote in about how I liked seeing Pink on the cover and I'm in the Hair Traumarauma section, the one about yogurt in the hair...that's me. =]