Monday, February 23, 2009

I Hate The Way You Look Away, Not A Smile, No Thought Today.

First of all, I am VERRRRRRRRRRY happy Kate Winslet got an Oscar! I think she is an amazing actress, and I'm glad that finally she's being recognized for that. However, I really wish she had gotten an Oscar for her performance in Titanic. I watched that movie for the first time since 3rd grade a couple days ago and was amazed by how well she portrayed the part...and I bawled my eyeballs out...even though I already knew Jack was gonna die. =[ And the whole time I wanted to just throw Cal into the ocean. HATE HIM.

Also, has anyone seen Slumdog Millionare? Because I was thinking of renting it since it won so many awards....was it good?

Second of all, I am not dead =] (duh.) even though I've been missing for a few days...

Third, hilariousness I heard the other day at J.C. Penney:

Little Boy (to his Grandma): "...yeah my teachers get on to me all the time because I like to wear the shirt from my Halloween costume to school...and it has a cobra on it!"

It was the funniest thing because I expected him to say something BAD...oh man, what a cool kid. Wearing his cobra shirt! haha. I got a new dress that day too, but I haven't taken pictures yet...coming soon! =]

That's it for now! I reallllllly need to do my homework! =/



Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've Changed Since Then, Yet You've Remained The Same

Unleashing My Inner Hippie Flower Child:

Sorry for lack of anything fashionwise in this post, but I've been sitting around being a major dork lately...playing Nancy Drew computer games, baking Magic Bars, and reading this amazing book about the Titanic written by survivors of the disaster. (I found it at this great used book store for $3. I was really excited because I have been FASCINATED by the Titanic since the 3rd grade. Me and some friends of mine even built a model of it for school.) Unfortunately, that means I have taken almost no pictures of my outfits...except the one picture above...which I took for this week's Weardrobe contest! =]

The skirt was actually made about...10 years ago(?) for my mom by this lady we went to church with when we lived in New York. She rarely wears it, but suggested that I try making an outfit with I did! Note: I did NOT wear this outfit all day because I would have FREEZED my bum off...its only about in the 50s... However the outfit was just perfect and I had to take pictures of it. Or rather, my mom took pictures of it.

And one more thing! You guys HAVE to check out this website called Looklet. It looks like its going to be pretty amazing! Just put you e-mail in and they'll send you an invitation code. I got mine within a day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Truth Hurts Worse Than Anything I Could Bring Myself To Do To You.

Sorry its been so long guys...I've been busy...and a little lazy.
Well I did get a part in the play!!!! I get to clean gravestones while talking about dead people!!!! (ha. for real.) Its not a big part, but that was to be expected since its the last show for our seniors. =[ So they get most of the large roles. I also get to sing during the wedding in the show! Me and this guy Drew. That should be far more exciting. I just realized that I haven't even mentioned the title of the show....duhdurrrrr, its The Woman In White. We're doing the play version, but there is a musical to, and my teacher is trying to incorporate parts of the musical in our during the wedding me and drew sing the song they used in the wedding...its very creepy actually...because supposedly the marriage is "doomed".
Here's the song: (only the part that's "The Holly And The Ivy")

The musical is by Andrew Lloyd Webber! He is just so amazing!

On another note, I did my own version of those paintballed shoes that I talked about a while ago. I think they turned out pretty coolie. I ended up using heels...this old beat-up pair I ruined during a play last year...I got the actual heels on them all scratched up.


The paint (actually nail polish) ended up looking a lot less random then I intended because it WAS NOT dripping very well...but oh well! I still love them...especially since they're not exactly the same.

Agh! I have so many other random things I would love to talk about right now, but I don't want this to become any more long and it has started to become...

So just ONE more thing. I promise. My accidently shredded tights. See they were some REALLY cheap drugstore pantyhouse and they got a tiny pull. And I pulled it. And it exploded. Then I was just like, "Oh well, might as well shred them to pieces." Sooooo...I did. =] Then I had to go to the school for class registration. And everyone was like, "Wow, what happened." Um...I got attacked!? They're just shredded tights!

Then I wore them over blue tights the next day...with this new pink dress my mom got me a Express for $10!

Ok. I'm done now. =] For now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's Your Opinion Of Random Words Like Triceratops, Dodgeball, and Hannah Montana?

My inspiration seems to have sort have flown out the window lately...
I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I've been very very BUSY!
I had a play I was in on Monday and Tuesday, auditions for a play Tuesday and today, and lots of lovely, bundles of fun SCHOOL WORK!!! Oh joy.
I got to speak Italian in the play on Monday and Tuesday which was really fun! I must have sounded quite authentic because several people came up to me and said,
"Are you fluent in Italian?"
And I was like,
", not really."
The premise of my scene was that this guy went on this date with a girl and she doesn't speak English and keeps saying just "Yes" of "No". Until finally she bursts into Italian!

I found pics of my nails painted yellow and pink...however the pink looks really red-orangeish, but whatever...
I will leave you with video from Coffee House! With me "beatboxing" (ha. right...) and Omega "rapping". The whole premise (my parents didn't catch the very beginning...) is that Amanda (the girl who walks in at the end) couldn't find TJ (the guy who walks in at the end) and that she picked two "random" members of the audience to MC.
So maybe I'll have some video later...but not now as blogger is NOT loading the video. Grrrr....
I find out if I made the play tomorrow! Wish me luck...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Wish I Had Left Your Hands Tied Together When I Had The Chance.

Ugh, I am SO exhausted right now! Unfortunately this post has absolutely NOTHING to do with fashion, just a basic narrative of, "I am not dead...this it what I've been doing..." post...

So if you'd rather not hear about my life...erm...stop reading here!

I had my mock trial competition this morning where I was a witnes...we would have made the final regional match, but even though my side (our prosecution team) did great....out defense got SLAUGHTERED! Then at 7:00 I was in Coffeehouse (which is sorta like a talent show-ish only cooler thing)...and had a BLAST MCing (although we didn't end up being secret agents...we sorta...well I'll show you guys later once I get video from a friend of mine...haha, we got to tie people up=])
Also, I am MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD because I don't know if I got video of the last half of the show. and that's the best part...

Ok, I lied...tiny tidbit of fashion:
I am in LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE with the new Louis Vuitton collection with Stephen Sprouse! I have never in my life really liked anything by them, but this...just WHOA!
I just tried to find pictures of the collection I'm talking about, but ULITIMATE FAILURE!
I couldn't find them anywhere...if someone could help me out that would be fab!

Also I've been tagged for an award! =] My first, from Fashlynable!

The Rulies:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are fabulous.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
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I nominate:
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That's 13 people! I would actually love to tag several other lovelies...but I'm too tired to think/type them all right now! And I probably won't even let most of these peoples know til tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If You Want Us To "Carry On Your Legacy" You Actually Have To Graduate Sweetie!

I saw the most FABULOUS pair of shoes on this guy in my AP World History class today, although I think he was really shocked that I thought they were so amazing!
They were plain black sneakers...with pink, red, and cream-colored paint splattered all over them (from playing paintball, he told me)! Oh man, I will have to make some DIY shoes like this!
When I do I'll DEFINATELY post pictures...
But should I do sneakers...or some other type of shoe like heels? hmmmmmmmmm...
ALSO I got my March issue of Teen Vogue a couple days ago and just LOVED this editorial with all these different nail designs! I'm definately inspired to try some new nail art! Actually I did try something similar to the 4th picture a couple days ago in yellow and pink, but I chipped them BADLY and I repainted them purple. And I didn't take pictures....=[

ALSO, congrats to all the bloggers who were featured in that issue. The article was really great and I LOVE how supportive Teen Vogue is of bloggers! =]

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finally, A Part For (Insert Drama Teacher's Daughter's Name Here)!

My interview went SO well yesterday! Thank you to everyone who wished me well and prayed for me! =] The guy who did the questioning part of my interview was so nice, and somehow we ended up talking about my dream of writing a musical about high school drama club drama/politics(that would be NOTHING like High School Musical...ew.) It would be called "Finally, A Part For (Insert Drama Teacher's Daughter's Name Here)!" Only with her name. It was HIGHLY amusing. My monologue went perfectly. The improv section was...interesting. Among several other activities, we were told to use this (fake) apple as an object and another person in our group as an object. WARNING: THIS NEXT BIT IS A TAD RUDE, CRUDE, AND DISGUSTING. Well, I used this girl as a dog, put the "apple" on the ground next to her and said, "Ugh, Molly, Noooooooooo! NOT IN THE BUSHES! Ew, BAD DOG!" And then picked it off the ground like it was something disgusting and passed it to the next person. Everyone was cracking up.
Unfortunately I was too much of a lazy person to take a picture of my outfit I wore, but basically it was the shirt from this post with the vest from this post...with black dress pants and my black flats with shiny buttons on them

I will leave you all with a product of my crazy photoediting I've been doing lately! I LOVE changing colors! It is SO fun! (However, the first one is the unedited original.)