Friday, January 30, 2009

Wish Me Luck!

My GHP(see the bottom of this post for details on what GHP is) interview is tomorrow! I am a big ball of excitement and nerves right now...
Yesterday I entered the Weardrobe studs contest...with this...although you can't see the studs too well at this size. Check out Weardrobe's contest page to see it better.

Dress: Delias, Slip (underneath): vintage, Tights: Alloy, Shoes: Nine West, Bag: Vintage, Stud Belt: Pac Sun

I really LOVE the dress. My grandma got it for me in clearence for $20 (not the best ever deal, but it was 50% off! AND I adore it!) Its so perfect, and so pretty and feminine...which usually is not my thing;)

Well, sorry to make this so short, but I'm going to go get ready for tomorrow! Wish me luck tomorrow, and keep me in your prayers...I REALLY WANT TO GO TO GHP!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am MEGA sick right now. Ugh. I don't really have anything that interesting to say, but I did want to share this ADORABLE clock I found on Deviantart:

Kawaii clock n_n by ~XxMortanixX on deviantART

I reallllllllllllly wanted to download it and put it as the background on my computer, but I couldn't figure out how to download it...=[

Wells...I'm gonna go get some more juice and take another Vitamin C hopefully I'll get better faster!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mellow Yellow

This morning when I woke up the first thing that popped into my head (for whatever reason) was "HOLY CRAP! I have had yellow tights for about a year and I don't think I've worn them!!" So I went on a mission to put together an outfit to go with them...this is what resulted (And yes, I asked my mother to take pictures for me again):

Shirt: Kohls, Skirt:super old. ?, Belt: (I reall wear this thing TOO much...) Mom's, Tights: Alloy, Shoes: Nine West

I think I'll enter this is the Weardrobe tights contest too...even though I definately like my first entry best!

On another note...I got this month's issue of Nylon today and Camilla Belle was on the cover! She is SO gorgeous! I really LOVED this outfit she was wearing on page 127 I love the contrast of the striped blazer with the plaid gloves...those gloves are the bomb!:

The tights on the cover were also AMAZING but I was too much of a lazy bum to scan it...cause its probably online somewhere...oh yep, I found it! Alrighty, well that's all for now folks, as my brother wants to check his e-mail, and I've been hogging the computer for the past hour or so...he really deserves to get on now!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I seriously couldn't think of a more creative title right now. So that one will have to do. Pretty tragic...I know.
Oh wells! A couple days ago (before we went out for pizza...turns out my brother had to finish a project I had some time on my hands...) I decided to enter Weardrobe's tights contest! Even though I already had some pictures, I decided I wanted to take some nicer one's, so I got my mom to take them! I think they turned out pretty fabulous! (The last picture is the one I entered by the way.)

Tights: Express, Shirt: American Eagle, Scarf: Vintage(its actually a shawl), Belt: Mom's, Shoes: Payless,

The photos were taken in this vacant lot next to my house. It was really neat because I wanted to take pictures outside, and my mom wanted to take pictures with the bench (its called a phone bench or mom inherited used to be where people would sit and make phone calls...), so we brought the bench outside as a compromise and used the flowers I had gotten at the GHP dinner as a prop. It was so much fun, and the combination of our two ideas was definately a success!

THEN yesterday I got contacted by Suzanne from Weardrobe saying they wanted to do a weardrobe remix with my tights! (If you don't know what I mean just go to the Weardrobe home page.) So I took this picture with this outfit, since the point is to show the piece with different outfits.

Dress (actually menswear shirt...its my Dad's): Express, Tights: Express, Belt: vintage, Boots: vintage

I know you can't tell from the picture, but those boots are some of the most amazing boots on this earth! My mom found them at the back of her closet yesterday in a box, and I fell in LOVE! The remind me quite a bit of Dr. Martens, just slightly more feminine....when I get the chance I'll post some better pictures of them.

All right, well that's it for now! Gotta go do some lovely homework and practice for my GHP interview, improv, and monologue (my final interview is the 31th!!!)...oh, and go to bed. ;)

P.S. Did anyone else notice how adorable Malia Obama's blue coat was? I just LOVE the color, and think she looked so cute!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mad Plaid

This is gonna be short, as I'm off to Atlanta (I live just outside Atlanta.) with my family to get me some Mellow Mushroom Pizza (yum!) and some killer Hummus (double yum!). But before I go, I wanted to share with you my brother's outfit yesterday (weird...I know):
He was lounging around the house in his shirt from church and pajama pants, and all of a sudden I was like, "OH MY GEEZ Mark, I love your outfit!" And suprisingly he let me take his picture! I just really like how the two plaids look together...I definately should try it.

Also I curled my hair today for the first time in forever...I really like it, since my hair is longer that it been in a while...I wish my hair was naturally this curly...Mine's just wavy.

Now off to get pizza and hummus! YAY! I'm starving!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Confessions of a Lazy BumBum

Its been like what...three days since my last post?
I was gonna post last night, but I was too tired/lazy to finish cropping/resizing/editing pictures...
Over the last 3 days I have:
1. Had my GHP (Governor's Honors Program*) dinner.
2. Had some REALLY good cake on my brother's birthday! (Funfetti cake! My favorite!)
3. Got my SEQUIN LEGGINGS!!!!! HECK YESSSS!!! (which unfortunately i'm not allowed to wear til my birthday....) And this really cute top.
4. Found out me and Omega get to be MCs! (With two other people who auditioned) Its going to be like the other two people trick us into thinking there's a secret agent "mission" to get us off stage. I think it will work out...
5. Ate my way through 3 boxes of strawberry Mentos. Which is probably my favorite type of candy in the whole world. But it HAS to be strawberry. The mint ones are gross....

Now for a buttload of pics of my leggings and new shirt(the blue one)...and my outfit from GHP dinner:
I entered this picture in Weardrobe's contest this week for the best look with Converse! The prize is a $50 Converse gift card!

Blue Shirt, Black Ruffle Top, Sequin Leggings: Express, Orange Argyle Cardigan: ?, Hot Pink Converse:

GHP Dinner:

Shirt: Mom's, Coat: Hot Topic, Pants: Express, Heart Necklace and Earrings: Christmas present...although I think its from Kohls, Heels: Marshalls, Corsage: GHP peoples...

Three day weekend! Man, I am happy about that! Thank you for living Martin Luther King Jr!

*GHP is basically a six-week program in the summer, where you have a major (the area you were nominated in), a minor, and one other area of interest. Its pretty much a college experience. I was nominated in theatre, passed both school and county interviews, and now I'm on to the final state interview the on the 31th. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello, My Name Is: Agent White Thunder.

I spent the night at my friend Omega's house last night (yes, that is her real name.) We worked on this hilarious skit for our audition for Coffee House (which is pretty much a talent show sponsered by our drama club. only its called Coffee House because there's food and obviously coffee.) We auditioned for the MCs as secret agents...she was Agent Dark Night and I was Agent White Thunder. (not to be confused with White Lighting. i'm not an alcoholic beverage! haha.) The skit we wrote is seriously amazing, however it probably wouldn't translate well if I tried to explain the hilariousness.

In honor of being White Thunder I (ironically) put a lighting bolt on my nail! (You can't exactly draw thunder, you know?)

I'm pretty proud of myself because usually I'm not too good at putting little details on my nails...

Also my outfit from Monday (showcasing the black and white star tights!) I didn't take pictures Tuesday or Wednesday because the camera's batteries are so close to dead that by the time the timer gets to ten the camera shuts off. ugh. At least it stayed on long enough to get the picture of my lighting bolt nails!

Um, next time I'll try to remember to move the vaccum! lol. Oh, and the awful looking bruise on my arm is from having and IV...not child abuse.

Shirt: Kohls, Skirt: old. (like 4th didn't used to be a high-waist skirt, but I like it as one!), Tights: Express, Belt: Mom's (althought it is quite often in my possession),

It was absolutely INSANE how many compliments I got on these tights (and the outfit) at school. I'm used to a few comments every day on something I'm wearing, but I counted literally over 20 people who told me they liked them. Including at least 3 guys. One who called them pants. That made me laugh. Especially since he was standing with some girl who probably went, "Uhm...pants?" after I walked away. Goodness...people amuse me.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Black Stars & Candy Bars

I got some AWESOME star tights from Express yesterday and I absolutely love them! I had already gotten a pair that is black with white stars, but the pink with black stars is particularly amazing!
AND I was looking throught their sales online...and I found the sequin leggings in my size for only $41.99!!!!!!!! (Although I don't know exactly how much they came to total with shipping and my mom got a couple things, and I got a shirt....we had some coupon for $20 of $60 so we got a few things to make it over $60. I think we spent about $53) I am SO happy that I'm finally getting the leggings!!!!!

My fab tights!

My fairly boring outfit worn with the amazing tights!
I also got this really great yellow nail polish and this beautiful coral nail polish from my mom for "being such a good patient" when I got my teeth out! I'm wearing yellow now:
For the longest time I wore nail polish literally ALL THE TIME, but then I was in a play back in October where I was a nurse in an asylum and my director told the nurses that they couldn’t wear any nail polish. Since we had 3 shows in a row one week, and then 2 the next week, I didn’t wear nail polish for like 3 weeks…and I got out of the habit of putting it on. So I’m trying to get back in the habit of wearing nail polish, since I have really icky looking nails otherwise (because I keep them short to play violin, bass, and guitar…yes, I’m musical!)

Ugh. My mom just reminded me I have makeup work to do before Monday, and that I have to go to Life Teen in half an I better get to it!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mashed Potatoes, Rainbow Sherbet, and Strawberry Jello.

Yep, that's all I've been eating since getting my wisdom teeth out...
I dropped two pounds yesterday alone, because all I ate was a bowl of jello and a bowl of I'm TRYING to eat some more today...I'm just really not hungry for some reason.
So potatoes it is! I actually love mashed potatoes, so it should be tasty! I'm actually not in much pain, and haven't taken my prescription painkillers today at all. Its just I keep craving things that I CAN'T popcorn. ugh. Now I know how my brother must feel with his braces...
No outfits this post. I'm sitting around in my pajamas with this weird ice pack thing around my face that makes me feel like a little kid with one of those awful head gear things...ick.

BUT I had to post these weird shoes I found:

Aren't they just bizarre? I searched "red shoes" and found them...they look like they would HURT!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


2nd day back in school. It has been kind of a drag, but I have enjoyed seeing my friends more often. We got our parts for our class show in my drama class today and I have a really coolie part! The play is Check Please: Take 3 and basically I’m a girl on a blind date who speaks Italian and her date doesn’t. So throughout the date my character is just going, “Yes…No…Yes…No…” And he doesn’t know she doesn’t speak English until she busts out into Italian! I’m gonna get to speak Italian! Awesome!

I got tagged by Chloe yesterday (For the first time ever ! Yay!), so the following is my response:

Here were the rules:
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!
Here's my picture!

Its not that intriguing, unfortunately. Although the shirt is pretty awesome! (And I LOVE that orange nail polish! I gotta go find that...) I took this back in September during our fall play, Just Another High School Play! It was a great show to be in, about a group of high school students who have to “improv” their whole show when their drama teacher goes missing. It was hilarious.

I tag:
The Stylish Wanderer

Also I wanted to show off my lacey shirt that cost $7 (originally $50...go sales!) which I wore today (Although the picture doesn’t do it justice):

Pants: Hot Topic, Lacey Shirt: Express, Sweater: old. (?)

And my vest which I LOVE that I wore yesterday:

Vest: Express,

Well bye-bye for a couple days guys…I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and will probably be too drugged up on painkillers to blog for a couple days. =/
I'm sure I'm just gonna be bundles of fun and joy! But at least I get out of school Thursday and Friday!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sadness. Sadness. Sadness.

The leggings were ALL sold out at Express! I checked online and checked SEVERAL stores, including one in New York where my Grandma lives! But NO ONE HAD THEM!!!
Ugh, I am so SAAAAAAAD!!! =[
Hopefully I'll be able to find them on e-bay...

This is the outfit I wore yesterday! I love my bowtie! I was kinda inspired by Blair Waldorf off of Gossip Girl... My friend said some people at Life Teen (which is sort of a combo between Sunday School and a youth group for Catholics) could not stop staring...but then again my church IS filled with a bunch of preps, who were probably all freaking out since I wasn't wearing Abercrombie. haha.

Shirt: American Eagle, Skirt: old (my Mom's), Tights: old, Belt: Mom's, Shoes: Nine West, Bow: from my closet...its the same bow I wore in my hair on New Year's.

Now I'm off to finish cleaning my room before my dad decides to never let me drive again...which has been my punishment for the past to weeks. PLEASE LET ME REMEMBER HOW TO PARALLEL PARK!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Holy Popsicle Sticks!!!!

Only 4 more days until I'm back in school... thrilling. After a two week break I hope I can concentrate enough to do my work...
On a slightly less dreary note:
I am really craving some black sequin leggings.
There were some at Express that I wanted...but unfortunately they don't have my size anymore.
So I did a little Google search.
And among dozens of little girl outfits, a few hooker dresses, and a belly dancer costume...I FOUND *drumroll*:

These AMAZING Alexander McQueen leggings!!!!

For $2,275. haha. They are so funny.

Not. $2,275 for a pair of leggings!? Wow. I know I won't be getting those anytime soon...

If only I had some super-rich uncle/grandpa/stalker or something....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fireworks. Are. Dangerous.

Last night is certainly a New Years I will remember for a LONG time...because we all almost got killed by fireworks. I hung out with my friend Kyle and some of his 8th grade friends, including my awesome brother Mark...and it was all fun and games until we got out the fireworks. ("Look mom, no fingers!" JKJK...but it was bad.) Kyle's dad and my dad were setting off fireworks...and some of them tipped over and shot into the yard, and some others started shooting towards us! We ran like CRAZY!!!! Luckily, no one was hurt, and the only damage to the yard was a small brush fire that was put out quickly. It was SO funny though, because right before it happpened this guy and his son/grandson(?) came to check out the fireworks. When things started freaking out they turned around and started walking really fast. It cracked me up because they had showed up at JUST the wrong time...oh goodness, the look on that guys face...haha.
Anyways, this is what I wore on New Year's Eve...well minus the scarf cause I FORGOT IT AT HOME AND WAS FREEZING! Oh well, at least Kyle let me borrow some gloves...well ONE glove since Marissa had one of them... I took the full outfit pic in the mirror cause it was 2:30 this morning and I was to lazy to set up the tripod, sorry its a little dark.

Scarf: Urban Outtfitters, Jacket: Volcom, Necklace: ? (From my Grandma), Purse:, Bow/Headband: bottom of the blackhole that I call my closet... Shirt and Cami: American Eagle, Jeans: Pacsun (Bullhead) Shoes: Converse

Happy New Year everyone! Good luck keeping all your resolutions! =]