Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am MEGA sick right now. Ugh. I don't really have anything that interesting to say, but I did want to share this ADORABLE clock I found on Deviantart:

Kawaii clock n_n by ~XxMortanixX on deviantART

I reallllllllllllly wanted to download it and put it as the background on my computer, but I couldn't figure out how to download it...=[

Wells...I'm gonna go get some more juice and take another Vitamin C now...so hopefully I'll get better faster!


Aless & RocĂ­o said...

Thanks for the comment!!

Amelia said...

That's adorable! Feel better soon :)

Min Smith said...

Get Better! I want to see pictures!!! ;)

Chester said...

I hope you feel better!

The Clothes Horse said...

Feel better. The clock is cute. It fits all the anime I've been watching lately. :)

Yvonne said...

thanks, i'm better at drawing girls than boys... it feels more 'natural' somehow... haha but i want to practice drawing boys more.
and wow that clock *is* very cute. Almost toooo cute. (;
feel better soon! so far i haven't gotten sick this winter yet... always on the verge, but it never happens.

yiqin; said...

Totally adorable! I want clocks like this too!

Kathryn said...

that is a really cute clock! hope you feel better soon :)

Couture Carrie said...

Feel better asap, darling!