Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Singing The Same Chorus To A Song That Hasn't Even Been Wrote

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I did wear green to avoid the pinchs!!!! Hope you guys did!
As promised, haircut pics!!!!

Right After My Hairstylist Did It:
How I Did It The Next Day:

I just straightened it with a straightener, whereas she blowdried it straight-ish...I LOVE my new bangs!!!!

By the ways, I'm running for treasurer of my drama club! I'm going to make poster that say stuff like:


Do you know the answer? Kelly does. Vote Kelly For Treasurer!

Originally I was the only one running, but a certain friend of mine (who was first going to run for Vice President but then decided not to, since a girl who's going to be a senior next year is running) decided to run against me. Even though she insisted about 18 times that she was not running and that she would run for V.P. next year. Grrrr...oh wells...I guess may the best woman win!

I also DIY some purple paint splatter on some white keds and will definately have to take some pictures!


Fashion Prescription said...

Love the haircut! And can't wait to see the new keds!


Fashion Prescription said...

Love the haircut! And can't wait to see the new keds!


Nice and Shiny said...

Me likey! You look great! I love your eyebrows... lol, kind of random but their so nice!

I'm excited to see the keds, sounds hot!


C a t r i n a said...

Well, i wish you luck, i'd vote for you :):)
You look soso stunning!
And yes, of course!:)

Ana said...

Your hair is gorgeous. Cant wait to see the Keds.

Couture Carrie said...

Fab cut! Looks even better done by you!


chloe said...

great haircut! and the Keds sound awesome. good luck in the race for treasurer!

Amelia said...

Lovely haircut! That's pretty good for the 2nd-day--I always have trouble styling new haircuts after I sleep on them or wash them. Good luck with the elections!

giggleness said...

such a nice haircut :)
and good luck running for treasurer!

ohh. im currently working on a DIY project with converse :D

Helen said...

i so desperately need a haircut too, yours looks nice! good luck running for treasurer

Triufelis said...

I like your new haircut! ;)

Alice X said...

i love yoru makeup in the second photo, gorgeous.


Chester said...

Lovely hair cut!

yiqin; said...

I have been dying for another pair of keds but I don't see any around lately :(

diane said...

The haircut is classic.
Good luck with the election.
Can't wait to see the keds. xo