Monday, March 16, 2009

For Lack Of A Creative Title.

Hey guys!
Sorry for the long absence...the modem on our computer was messed up, so I've been without internet for 4 days! (before that it would be on for at most ten minutes and than really its been more like a week!) We got it replaced today though, so I am backkkkkkkkkkkk! I'll have a real post tomorrow with my new haircut in it, but right now I've actually got to be going! =]

Oh, but I'll leave you with the following:
NO DOUBT'S GOING ON TOUR!!!!! HOLY MUFFIN!!!! EXCITEMENT! They were so one of my fav bands as a kid. And I do mean kid. I was like 7 and listening to them.


Fashion Prescription said...

Can't wait to see your new haircut, and I'm glad your computer is fixed!


inabeena said...

I love No Doubt, been a fan since i was 4 (well, my sister played it alot i just listened)! Your new haircut sounds great and i love the "Theatre Geek" t-shirt! I want one! :D!